How to Choose a Realtor

June 25, 2024
How to choose a Realtor

Choosing a good RealtorĀ® can be a challenge: Here are a few key points to consider when making that important decision

Ask Questions

When speaking with a Realtor for the first time, it is good to find out what they know. Just by having a conversation with them, you’ll learn a lot about their background and experience. Whether you are inquiring about a specific property, the geographic area you are interested in, or how they approach the home search, initial conversations help you to get to know each other, and determine whether the particular real estate agent is a good match for you and your search goals.

Preferred Communication Methods

Is the Realtor you are considering easily reachable by phone, text, or email? Do they provide valuable information in a timely fashion? What tools do they use to help you in your search? Are the agent’s tools comfortable for you? Providing information, answering questions, and setting up showing requests right away is very important when you find a property you have an interest in. You’ll want to feel comfortable using shared tools and preferred methods of getting in touch.

Character and Ethics

As you meet with Realtors, does their character match your expectations? You are making a big decision when purchasing real estate, and ensuring you and your Realtor have a similar approach is important. Do you feel like they put your best interest first? If you have any concerns, you may want to continue on your search to find a Realtor who meets your personal expectations.

Does your chosen Realtor demonstrate:

  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Dependability
  • Knowledge/Expertise
  • Professionalism
  • Friendliness


It is a good idea to ask if an agent has time to take on a new client. If not, they can always refer you to another real estate agent. Being open about your timeframe gives the agent a clear idea on how quickly they need to work and whether or not to expand your criteria if you are looking to purchase right away.

Referrals & Reviews

Lastly, see if family or friends have had good experience with local Realtors. They may know someone who can help you find a property and successfully close in the timeframe you want. Checking reviews to see what past clients have to say is also a good idea.

Route 63 Realty

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